Why not try this fun discussion in your team meetings?

When we were brainstorming ideas for our journal, we set each other the challenge to try and write as many topics as possible for each letter of the alphabet (independently). For example:

 A-agency, autonomy,

B-belonging, being, becoming,


Then we got together to share our lists!

It was clear to us that we had some common words, but we also noticed that we had particular interests and experiences that revealed themselves within the choices we made.

Why not try it as a fun discussion in your team meetings? Ask everyone to brainstorm (better yet, set it as an independent task as we did) and then come together to share your list. Take it a further step and challenge the team to look at the Guide to the National Quality Framework or approved learning frameworks (Early Years Learning Framework or My Time Our Place) and see if they can do this task…what a great way to get the group familiar with some of our underpinning documents.

Did we manage to get at least one word for each letter of the alphabet? Well, that would be a give-away…..but we look forward to hearing how you and your team did. Let us know what words came up a lot in your combined lists. Why do you think that is? Are these words part of your everyday language? Are they in your service philosophy? Should they be?

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