'Pause & Ponder: Reflecting on Your Work with Children'

This resource offers individuals and/or the team an interactive, journal to encourage critical reflection and deeper understanding around current practices. Each chapter highlights a focus that is uniquely articulated within different organisations and is worthy of pausing to ponder why and how your service have evolved in such a way.

Using personal examples, current research, information, reflective questions and activities, this resource will guide practitioners in ensuring the decisions they make around environments for children are based on authentic and responsive determinations, not because “this is the way things have always been done”.



Meet the Authors

Early Years Education Specialists (EYES) evolved after a few years and lots of cups of tea as we pondered our own experiences in the education and care sector, and took time to respond to the changes, challenges, trends and shifts in understanding as dedicated professionals. 

Despite our recent move from our work as face-to-face teachers, leaders and colleagues into the world of adult learning, our own ethos of lifelong learning continues as we both completed Master’s degrees and currently work more broadly with beginning teachers and educators. This new perspective, couple with our practice roles, has resulted in a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge that is underpinned by current thinking and research. 

– Kate & Annie

‘Pause & Ponder: Reflecting on Your Work with Children’ is ideal for professional learning for your team of Educators. Use this journal to promote and document critical reflection as individuals, then  share ideas and reflections together and move forward as a team, whilst including your whole learning community. Ideal professional learning!

Have a listen to an interview with the authors on ABC radio about ‘Pause & Ponder’.