About EYES: Inspiring Education & Care Teams

Our Vision

We provide innovative, bespoke, hands on, tailor made, facilitated professional learning and development opportunities to inspire education and care teams.

With fresh EYES, and an understanding of your unique learning community, we design and facilitate interactive sessions and resources that encourage critical reflection around knowledge, practice, research and transformative thinking.

As educators, we continue on our own learning journeys, with the focus on improving ourselves, for the benefit of the children.

Your pathway as an educator is not a straight line, it twists and turns and never really ends. It is with this in mind, we facilitate, support, develop and involve your team in unpacking practice and engaging in deep pedagogical discussion and decision making.

The logo we use resembles the shape of an eye as if drawn by a child as a way of reflecting an emphasis and focus on children as the forefront of our thinking and decisions, as well as introducing the concept of our expertise as a ‘second pair of EYES’ on your service, practices and environment.

Who We Are

A child's drawing of Kate

Meet Kate

Kate recently completed her Master of Educational Leadership, where she explored the complexity of leadership in the early childhood sector. She is interested in authentic embedding of the child’s voice into all undertakings within the sector, including broader policy and decision making.

Kate will continue to develop learning materials for new educators and will investigate the impact of leadership as it relates to the experiences of children as she embarks on further study, beginning in 2021.

Meet Annie

Annie recently completed her Master of Early Childhood where she continued to explore specific knowledge and interest around risky play and research-based pedagogy. She is interested in intergenerational playgroups and is participating in research and resource development around this. She is seeking to increase her knowledge and understanding of authentic embedding of First People culture and history in practical ways.

Annie continues to read and research widely, teaches leadership and advocacy at a University level, and offers her expertise to emerging teachers.

A child's drawing of Annie

Between us we have worn many hats:

Educational leader. Director. Nominated Supervisor. Approved Provider. Teacher. Facilitator. Mentor. Consultant. Trainer. Lecturer. Tutor. Researcher. Writer. Advocate. Life-long Learner.






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