Bespoke Facilitated Team Learning & Development

Support for you and your team as you embark on new pathways

What's Involved

Want your team to take new pathways? We can support you and your team. We design, develop and deliver interactive learning and professional development that includes all team members in meaningful and practical ways based on the unique needs, strengths, attitudes, understanding and dispositions of your team.

Our sessions provide opportunities to share individual thinking and reflect deeply on practice and theory, and how children and families benefit from enhances knowledge, expertise and decision making.

Our Approach

In consultation with leaders in your service, we offer a holistic approach to sessions designed to ensure that adult learning styles are incorporated, there is opportunity for information sharing and professional discussion. 

Sessions are interactive and engaging for all participants. No two sessions are identical as we draw on our knowledge of the National Quality Framework and the importance of reflecting the unique communities in which each service resides.

Some recent sessions included:

A journey of critical reflection/ team building

EYES on the outdoor environment/play-based learning

Win! Win! Nurturing children and creating a sense of belonging

Distance travelled/Following the child's lead

I'm the Educational Leader

Approved providers: Whose job is it anyway?/Own it

Regardless of the needs of your learning community, our sessions assist your team to build relationships with each other to support outcomes for children and personal and professional growth. Duration of sessions range from 2 or 3 hours, to full or half day depending on your needs.


"On three different occasions, the whole team commented on Kate and Annie's attention to detail, ability to create a safe atmosphere that encouraged open and honest contributions from the individual and team members, ability to make sessions fun and still meaningful, incorporate movement and active involvement, cater for and help us learn about the different learning styles of team members."

– Nominated Supervisor, Community Preschool

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