Supporting your unique needs to help your goals, interests and focuses become a reality

What's Involved

As the shape of your service evolves and changes over time, new and different perspectives emerge.

Our expertise can support your unique needs, from working one on one with an educator or emerging leader and the team, through to management or approved providers, and across all service types (Family Day Care, OOSH, Preschool or Long Day Care).

Our Approach

Talk with us and we can help your goals, interests and focuses become a reality.


Reviewing the service philosophy with all stakeholders

Setting QIP goals

Developing a meaningful & workable document, and motivating action

Mentoring emerging leaders

Having difficult conversations around work practices

Understanding the strengths of your team

Channeling your teams' skills to benefit the group

Time management and streamlining paper trails

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"Annie and Kate have been invaluable to my business. I very quickly become bogged down with policies, procedures and legislation. EYES helped immensely by creating custom policy and procedures exclusively for my education niche that were well researched, thorough, up to date and most importantly useable. I have since booked them in for quarterly mentoring sessions. Their industry knowledge is unrivalled and they are a pleasure to deal with. Thank you, EYES, for supporting my business and enabling me to focus on what is really important - the children."

– Approved Provider, Family Day Care, Before and After School Care

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