We’re back! We may look different, and we are, in some ways!

The COVID pandemic has changed the world we live and work in. What an understatement!
With no face-to-face opportunities for facilitating professional learning, we at Early Years Education Specialists (EYES) needed a new direction and decided on a complete overhaul of our brand, our website and something entirely new (for us), creating a journal for educators.

This time of reflection allowed us to look deeply and honestly at ourselves and reflect on the aspects of our practice; our growth and our learning over the last few years; and how we could share this with others in our profession. We reflected, we talked, we jotted, we drew, we researched, we moved forward unhurriedly, we sourced professionals/experts to help us, until finally it all came together. But this is not the end, there is no end. Reflective practice is a cycle, a never-ending cycle.

Firstly, as a result of us pausing and pondering, we present this new website which was creatively and collaboratively developed by and with our web designer, Tess Baldwin (Tess Creative Co.) who we sourced in our local community. Tess was and continues to be a joy to work with, as she simply just ‘gets’ us and the ‘look’ we want.

We may look different and we are, but we still offer facilitated, hands-on, tailor-made services designed to support critical reflection around shared experiences. We continue to encourage teams to explore the context of their unique learning community, their own expertise and interests, and come together as a group to create inspiring environments for children. Check all this out on our new website and contact us if you would like to book a service/session for your team by clicking here.

Keep in touch for our next blogs telling you more about our new logo and the creation of the journal.

PS: By the way this is how children see us: Kate (left) drawn by Coral and Annie (right) by Indi. In honouring the voice of the child, we sought consent from each child for the use of these drawings.


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