The Creation of our Logo

A rock ledge overlooking the ocean in our hometown which we called our ‘thinking ledge’ is the place where we pause and ponder. The natural ebb and flow of the tides, and the power of an ever-changing ocean is a place of reflection, creativity and energy for both of us. It was here we contemplated our new direction and who may be able to help us.

We like to ‘shop’ local so talked to others in our community and Tess Baldwin’s name (Tess Creative Co.) popped up so we met and formed an almost instant connection. Tess is a local graphic/web designer and admitted she knew little about our work as professional learning facilitators for those educating and caring for children. Tess encouraged us to look deeply at what we do and explain it to her so that she could create a mood board of our ideas for a new brand and logo.

After more pondering, we explained that as an educator your pathway is not a straight line, it twists and turns and never really ends. As educators, we continue on our own learning journeys, with the focus on improving ourselves, for the benefit of children. It is with this in mind, we at EYES facilitate, support, develop and involve teams of educators in unpacking practice and engaging in deep pedagogical discussion and decision making.

Tess then created some concepts and the one that resonated with us (after more pondering) was this one! It resembles the shape of an eye as if drawn by a child as a way of reflecting an emphasis and focus on children as the forefront of our thinking and decisions, as well as introducing the concept of our expertise as a ‘second pair of EYES’ on your service, practices and environment.

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