Our Journal and its birth

Creating a resource for Educators is a completely new direction for both of us and logistically has been a steep learning curve for us. The content was clearly our forte. We have over the past few years completed our Masters in Educational Leadership (Kate) and Early Childhood (Annie). Apart from our work together with EYES, Kate continues to develop learning materials and resources for new educators and those upgrading their qualifications and knowledge and is embarking on further study investigating the impact of leadership as it relates to the experiences of children. Whilst Annie continues to read and research widely, teaches leadership and advocacy at a university level, and offers her expertise to emerging teachers.

‘Pause and Ponder’ is an interactive, practical journal for Educators to encourage critical reflection and a deeper understanding of around current practices. The purpose of this journal is to support Educators to think deeply about their practices by engaging in reflection as they care and educate children, to ensure that the decisions being made relate to the characteristics of their unique learning communities.

The information provided is not ‘the answer’. It is drawn from many sources, including our own personal experiences within the sector; through our relationships with many practitioners; some ‘critical friends’ who challenged us both as individuals and as Early Years Education Specialists (EYES); and our curiosity and ponderings around the research we have engaged with.

Each offering in the journal provides opportunities and tools to pause and ponder (and sometimes provoke) dialogue around the issues and complexities that may arise in the work you do with children, families, communities and your colleagues within your specific service context.

We are currently in the editing and design stage but our journal ‘Pause and Ponder.’ will be available for purchase through our website soon!

In the meantime, whilst you wait for your journal, we can offer you a two-hour session ‘A Road Map for Critical Reflection’ which we can design specifically to cater for your team’s needs, as an appetiser. Or you may like to book us in for an interactive session to suit the current needs of your team. Remember we can design unique sessions just for your team! We can also review your policies or complete your appraisal process for you.

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