Now for a sneak peek at some of the line drawings and icons in our journal.

Aren’t they fantastic? Just wait until you see them in our journal! Who created them you may ask? Not us of course, although we supplied some of the ideas. Maybe Tess, our graphic designer? No.

It was the very talented Rosie Harris who just happens to be one of Kate’s beautiful daughters. Rosie’s talent and skills have definitely enhanced our work and simplified the overuse of words so that you, the user of the journal, would not become bogged down and bored with it…. Well, that’s the plan!

The ‘cup of tea’ is the icon used to ask you to ponder a concept, idea or practice. Whist the icon with the tips of writing/painting implements offers tips (a bit obvious!)  to consider as starting points for your thinking. There are many more icons within the journal but this is just giving you the idea.

Rosie also created a line drawing for each section representing the topic it presents. The line drawing here are for the sections ‘The what, why and how of being a reflective Educator’ and ‘Wondering about celebrations?’

You will also notice that in our journal (and in our website) some of the images have been re-imagined again by the talented Rosie.  Appreciation goes to our extended families and our local area, and the many travel adventures that provided us with the raw materials for Rosie to work with.

We thank you gratefully for sharing your talents and skills with us, Rosie and know that you too will appreciate Rosie’s work when working in your journal. Rosie does graphic work/commissions so if interested you can send her an email  or contact us through our website.

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