Professional Learning

We will deliver training and professional development sessions which are designed to be inclusive for all members of the team and interactive, meaningful and practical. EYES facilitation will focus on the strengths, attitudes and dispositions of your team.

“Each approved service is unique and the ways in which the elements and standards are met will be determined by the service context, including the service environment; needs, interests and abilities of children attending the service; and the needs of families and the wider community” Guide to the National Quality Standard p17

Select from our Professional Learning sessions and contact us to discuss your unique service needs for tailor made training.


2 Communication


6 Relationships


7 Trouble Shooting


5Building Policies and Procedures


IMG_1747Collaborative  Partnerships with Families


  IMG_1762Cultural Competence


Ideas fly, bounce around, accumulate, rise up, fall apart and spread until one of them takes a decisive hold flies higher and conquers the entire group.
Loris Malaguzzi

On three different training occasions the whole team commented on Kate and Annie’s

  • Attention to detail in the preparation of the sessions.
  • Ability to create a safe atmosphere that encouraged open and honest contributions from the individual team members.
  • Ability to make sessions fun and still meaningful.
  • Incorporate movement and active involvement.
  • Cater for and help us learning about the different learning styles of the team members.
Margaret Gleeson

Director, Keiraville Community Preschool