On three different training occasions the whole team commented on Kate and Annie’s

  • Attention to detail in the preparation of the sessions.
  • Ability to create a safe atmosphere that encouraged open and honest contributions from the individual team members.
  • Ability to make sessions fun and still meaningful.
  • Incorporate movement and active involvement.
  • Cater for and help us learning about the different learning styles of the team members.


Margaret Gleeson

Director:, Keiraville Community Preschool.

SeaView Preschool and Curious Kids ( CK Preschool) would like to thank Kate and Annie for their professionalism and enthusiasm with our centres professional development over the past few weeks. We look forward to further forming a great relationship through collaboration and further inservices in the near future. We highly recommend fellow educators and centres to use your services to promote ongoing quality improvement on all levels, thank you again ladies 🙂  Facebook Comment on our page

The whole purpose of Education is to change mirrors into windows.

Sydney J Harris