Looking back on 2016…..

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” 

Chinese proverb

During 2016, EYES (Early Years Education Specialists) continued what we do best…..whole team professional learning sessions individually designed to meet the specific needs of each education and care service.

“Team Building and Communication” were  popular sessions with many services who are continually striving to maintain and build teamwork, collaboration and effective communication within their team.These sessions are fun and interactive and allow teams to explore and discover more about each other and themselves, and how this impacts on the team as a whole. The Guide to the NQS states that teams need to “work collaboratively and affirm, challenge, support and learn from each other to further develop their skills and to improve practice
and relationships” (p.114). Some of the feedback from our sessions tells us that team members have:

  • Become more aware of other people’s feelings and opinions within the team.
  • A greater understanding of how people perceive things differently.
  • Learnt to listen to understand not just to reply.
  • Discovered that each team member has a special talent and their own story.

Educational Leader sessions have also been popular with the Director at one service combining all the leaders within the services she owns. Every few months we facilitate sessions for these leaders which ensures growth and promotes ongoing, vibrant, professional conversations and learning across her services. “It’s so good just having that outside voice and perspective and you always deliver in such a positive and nurturing way that I always feel recharged afterwards” (Quote from Director: Rebecca Moran). Rebecca also suggested we facilitate forums combining a number of Ed Leaders from different services who are located close to each other. If you would be interested in these forums please contact us.

Our Policy and Procedures “update and revamp” service continues with many Directors commenting what a valuable service this is when they are continually time poor and struggling to keep up with ever changing requirements, important updates and policy review. Did you know  about this update for your Child Protection Policy?

The phone contact for  the Family and Community Services Helpline is now 132 111.

 The Mandatory Reporter Guide has been reviewed in consultation with mandatory reporters to reflect legislative, policy and practice changes. Previously, the Mandatory Reporting Guide was located on the Keep Them Safe website. This website will be phased out as additional information is added to the ChildStory Reporter website, which will evolve to become the ChildStory Reporter Community in 2017. This community will provide mandatory reporters with a single location to:

  • Run the MRG and directly submit the report to the Child Protection Helpline.
  • Access support resources.
  • Access status updates on previously submitted reports.

If you would like EYES to take some stress away from you ….contact us to do your Policies and Procedures!

For 2017 we have added two new sessions “Collaborative Partnerships with Families” and “Cultural Competence” which resulted from many services’ conversations with us  about their quest for building their skills and knowledge in these areas. If these are a specific need at your service we can tailor make a session for your team.

EYES would like to congratulate Balgownie Early Learning Centre, Curious Kids and Seaview Preschool, all of whom EYES has worked with, on attaining Exceeding National Quality Standard during 2016. A just reward for your dedication, hard work and continual commitment to professional learning and ongoing continuous improvement.

As the end of another busy and fulfilling year draws to a close Kate and Annie from EYES wish you and your team a relaxing holiday and a joyful celebration with those you love, and thank you for your continued support.