“Just loved it! Thank you so much-was so helpful in assisting us to take the first step in achieving our goal”

Approved Provider, 2015


  • Through the EYES  and voices of  Children,Families, Educators, Community and other Professionals.
  • What does your environment say about the intention of the people who ‘live’ in it and the community in which it resides?
  • Attracting children’s engagement and supporting interests, strengths and needs in their play and learning.
  • Meeting the intent of the National Regulations, National Quality Standard, EYLF and current research and thinking.
  • Sustainable resources and aesthetically inviting learning spaces.
  • Creating memories for children.
  • Visual noise and valuing children’s work.


“The physical environment plays a critical role in keeping children safe; reducing the risk of unintentional injuries; contributing to their wellbeing, happiness, creativity and developing independence; and determining the quality of children’s learning and experiences.”

Guide to the National Quality Standard,QA3, p80


“The environment should act as an aquarium which reflects the ideas, ethics, attitudes and culture of the people who live in it”
Loris Malaguzzi