“It’s so good just having that outside voice and perspective and you always deliver in such a positive and nurturing way that I always feel recharged afterwards.”

Comments made after successive sessions with Educational Leaders from both centres.

Rebecca Moran

Director:, Time4Kindy, Miranda & Balgownie Early Learning Centre

Educational Leader

  • Defining the role and how it looks in your service.
  • Meeting the requirements of the National Regulations, National Quality Standard and EYLF.
  • Understanding your team and their learning styles and valuing their knowledge and skills.
  • Engaging in professional learning and inquiry.
  • Inspiring and mentoring colleagues.
  • Reflecting and implementing strategies for learning …… children, educators,staff, families and community.
  • Linking theory and practice.
  • A clear and inspirational vision that guides pedagogical decisions and shared approach to achieve best learning outcomes for all children.

Ongoing mentoring sessions for Educational Leaders also available.


“Effective curriculum development requires ambitious goals and clarity of purpose. It requires attending to the principles, practice and outcomes of the approved learning framework. The role of the educational leader is to work with educators to provide curriculum direction and to ensure children achieve the outcomes of the approved learning framework.”

Guide to the National Quality Standard, QA7, p172

I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think

The Power 2 Inspire session was “practical with a personal touch that allowed me to be open, ask questions and discuss on a secure level”

Educational Leader and Participant, 2015.