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Documenting Children’s Learning

  • Understanding and knowing the uniqueness of  your children, families and community.
  • What messages does your documentation send ?
  • Observe, Sight, Respond. The Planning Cycle …..Learning stories and beyond.
  •  Meeting the Regulations, National Quality Standard and EYLF.
  • Make it meaningful……..including child, family and community voices.
  • Measuring the distance traveled by children…….Providing feedback to families.
  • Making the links……theorists, research and current thinking.
  • Teamwork ….engaging all stakeholders


“An ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating children’s learning underpins the educational program and involves educators in critically thinking about what is offered and why.”

Guide to the National Quality Standard, QA1, p20

There isn’t such a thing as the best or right way. Educators who work together have to explore a variety of ways, perhaps by sharing ideas with other educators and services, borrow the best ideas and design their own processes and formats.
Anne Stonehouse